Oliver Kandler

Oliver Kandler is passionate about personal finance, financial independence and early retirement. That means he is a proponent of living frugally and supports the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) movement. Oliver Kandler has been writing about financial topics for years. He further gave personal advise to many friends and acquaintances. yet he never became a certified financial advisor or accountant. In his personal life, he achieved financial independence and retired from 9 - 5 jobs 10 years early.

70K Dollars Annually After Taxes in Alaska (single) [2023]?

United States federal income taxation reduces your $70,000 salary to $56,985 take-home pay in Alaska.Alaska raises NO income tax. Your employer withholds $13,015 in tax on a $70000 Alaska salary in 2023 if you work in the state of Alaska and your tax filing status is single. These withholdings contain US income tax and FICA

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