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New York Tax Structure

New York State taxes personal income of its residents. The Empire State has varied rates from 4% to 11.7%. The states tax rates are progressive. This means the rate rises with your taxable income.

New York State Income Tax

Standard Deduction

New York state sets a standard deduction of $8,500 in 2023. That means your first $8,500 of income are not taxed

Tax brackets in NY State

Note: These are the tax brackets and rates for NY State. New York City and Yonkers have their own rates.

Your tax brackets and income tax rates depend on your filing status. Te table below applies to filing “single.

Table of Tax brackets and rates

More ThanYet Less ThanTax Rate
Table of New York State Tax Rates, Filing Status “Single”

Different brackets and rates apply for “married filing jointly” or “head of household. If you are filing “married separate”, the above tax rate table applies to each individual.

In the NY state government, the Department of Taxation and Finance is responsible to collect taxes. Citizens send their state tax return to the Department of Taxation and Finance. The agency is led by the Tax Commissioner of the state of New York.

Local Income Tax

Some counties and municipalities impose an additional local income tax on their residents. Especially New York City and Yonkers collect taxes on residents’ income.

NY Sales Tax

New York collects tax on all sales. The government collects a state-wide rate and collects an additional rate for the benefit of the local jurisdictions.


New York State collects state sales tax at a rate of 4.00%. Most local jurisdictions add district sales taxes that increase the taxes paid by a buyer.

Local Components

New York State allows a max of 4.875% local sales tax in addition to the state sales tax. On average the localities add 4.52% for a combined average rate of 8.52% sales tax.

You owe “use tax” when you buy personal property or services outside of New York State and use them in the state.

NY Property Tax

Property taxes in New York State are charged by the county, the property is located in. The tax is calculated annually from the assessed value of the property times the local tax rate. The average property tax rate in New York State is 1.40%, which is above the national average (1.07%).

The New York State legislature caps property tax increases at 2% per year.


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